Explomin: A leading Latin American drilling company

July 10, 2019

by Noé Vilcas, Executive Director at Explomin

Established in Peru in 2001 by an entrepreneur as a private enterprise with 100 % Peruvian investment, Explomin initially started operations with underground core drilling. Through the years it expanded its range of services to include surface core drilling and reverse circulation drilling (RC). Completing challenging projects in different locations around Latin America with extreme weather conditions, altitudes (up to 4876.8 m above sea level) and different ground types has allowed the company to gain substantial expertise in global drilling services for mineral exploration and water well and production drilling.

Our market and position

Explomin serves junior and major companies in Mining, Oil & Gas, and Construction in Latin America with a large number of projects underway in Peru, Colombia, and Chile and offices in Ecuador and Mexico. On revenue Explomin has been positioned as the top drilling company in Peru for the last four years, proving its substantial growth in a market that presents constant ups and downs. It continued to grow even during the recent downturns in the industry because of its Strong Elastic Adaptation strategy, which allowed it to upsize or downsize according to metal prices, maintaining a continuously profitable path.

Last year the company was ranked by Coring Magazine 10th on the list of global drilling contractors. It was a great honor to be the first South American private company to occupy a position on this list.

Core diamond drilling

Drilling experience

Over the course of 18 years Explomin has drilled more than 4 million linear meters and currently has a total annual production of approximately 600 000 linear meters (mostly core drilling).

Offering a modern fleet of drill rigs and professional multicultural crews of specialists, dedicated to performing even in extreme conditions and oriented to meet the evolving needs of the industry, the organization delivers innovative solutions that provide remarkable time efficiencies and cost advantages. And, with a highly skilled workforce the company can manage a broad portfolio of underground and surface core-drilling services and directional and
RC drilling.

Explomin manages over 18 projects in Peru, Colombia, and Chile, with more than 1200 employees across its headquarters, offices, and sites. It explores greenfield and brownfield projects and identifies mineralized resources within a new deposit, mining project or active mine to expand the existing reserves, as well as verification drilling. And as part of its expansion plan, Explomin also offers additional geology services such as logging and core cutting and sampling. That way, the company can provide a complete exploration service that is competitive.

Innovation and technology

Its innovative spirit has made Explomin a leading company in Latin America, setting new trends for drilling methods and technology. The company has helped change mining history in the field of directional drilling with its implementation of rod-handling systems on every drill rig for surface and underground operations.

Explomin was the first company in Latin America to implement and promote these technologies in these markets.

Water well drilling in Shahuindo mine – Peru

Safe operations

Explomin has also been a pioneer in certificating all its field operations and headquarters, based on safety, quality, and environmental management (ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001).

All services are provided with detailed safety programs specially designed for each activity. In recognition of Explomin’s dedicated work, over the years its clients as well as specialized companies have honored the organization with many safety awards and positioned it as a safe drilling contractor. Explomin is proud and humble to share this progress and remains highly committed to continue working on achieving not only operational but also safety and environmental excellence.

Modern equipment

The company owns over 70 drill rigs, with a convenient variety of technical features available across the fleet, capable of performing both DDH and RC drilling services. It owns state-of-the-art drill rigs with diverse depth capacities that reach 2500 meters for surface applications on different inclinations, portable drill rigs for remote regions that are difficult to access, auto transportable underground drill rigs that make for more efficient infill drilling, as well as auxiliary equipment designed to operate to higher safety standards such as rod handler systems and others.

All of Explomin’s equipment comes from recognized brands that offer warranties and stock spare parts to manage a great mechanical availability rate. The company’s close relationship with vendors and suppliers ensures that it works with high-quality equipment, materials, and consumables, as well as cutting-edge logistics systems to support all their operations at a timely pace, and cost benefits that stem from its large and frequent purchases.

Explomin is focused on continuously improving and innovating its equipment and systems to make operations safe and reduce the environmental impact of the projects it develops across different sites globally.

Underground Drilling

Highly skilled workforce

The company strongly believes that its staff should be developed, promoting the most talented ones, reinforcing training, and fostering an innovative mindset throughout its corporate culture. For that reason, the company will continue investing in new platforms and courses as well as recognition programs that improve the working environment.

Explomin wants to be recognized as a company that cares for its people. Its diverse, talented workforce creates a friendly and goal-oriented ecosystem where safety is the top goal for everyone. The organization is constantly looking for new and better ways to provide a safer environment for its people, one that guarantees they will return to their homes uninjured.

As a result of our efforts in this area we are proud to say that our HSEC statistics are the lowest in the market and the engagement of our people with the company is outstanding. Explomin goes beyond a work relationship with its people, it personally approaches its employees and their families and makes it attractive to stay and grow with the company. Their loyalty is highly valued.

Explomin’s headquarters

Community relations

Today, strong community relations are the key to a good operation, and Explomin takes this seriously. The company hires people and services from local communities to work on projects, creating income for their families, which in turn supports the development of their local economy. This is carried out always in a respectful manner, empathizing with the local employees’ interests and lifestyles.

A range of different opportunities are provided to train local workforces for specialized work. For example, the Third Drilling Helper program, short technical careers, and social activities where they represent not only the company but also the client, which helps them manage a good relationship with clients and communities. Through these activities, local residents gain experience of successful projects and this helps Explomin develop long-term relations at every site.

Explomin’s drill rigs


Explomin’s mission is to provide tailor-made solutions to clients, to continue innovating, offering a safer workplace and developing the talent of its people, and to contribute to the communities and the countries it works in while growing at a sustainable rate. With over 18 years of operations, welllocated infrastructure and solid finances, we truly believe that Explomin has great potential to expand its operations globally. The company will continue to invest in technology to achieve a safer and fully automated drilling service.

Our commitment to stakeholders is firm and we are confident that our hard work will help make Explomin one of the best drilling companies in the world. As the top drilling company in Latin America we are on a mission to redefine the drilling concept.

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