Northwest Machine Works, Inc.’s NWL rod and BW casing cutter prototype

April 15, 2020

by Gina Rinderle, Project Coordinator & Safety Officer at Northwest Machine Works, Inc.

Cutter front

Cutter side

Northwest Machine Works, Inc.’s internal casing cutters are machined and assembled using simple, unique and effective design. Three cutters have proven to be market mainstays – the CCNWC (3 in or 7.62 cm), CCHWC (4 in or 10.16 cm), and CCPWC (5 in or 12.70 cm). Each provides quick and easy cutter blade replacement during daily operations and maintenance.

CCBWC internal casing cutter prototype

Northwest Machine is proud to announce and share the launch of CCBWC. Specially designed to cut NWL rod and BW casing, the CCBWC internal casing cutter prototype is lightweight (11 lb or 5 kg), and easy to handle. The hydraulically activated, single blade unit provides smooth, efficient cutting of material between 2 in (5.08 cm) and 3/4 in (1.90 cm) OD.


In 2011, Northwest Machine introduced the CCNWC internal casing cutter to cut HWL rod and NW casing. CCHWC and CCPWC were developed and released soon after, cutting through PWL rod, HW and PW casing respectively. Northwest Machine customers were grateful – sharing their success stories when employing the larger internal casing cutters, which prompted requests for a smaller diameter version to cut NWL rod and BW casing.


  • Outside diameter: 2.125 in (5.39 cm)
  • Overall length: 16.5 in (41.91 cm)
  • Weight: 11 lb (5 kg)
  • Connection: BW rod box


Manufactured using high-speed tool steel, the CC203 cutter blade provides a tough and reliable cutting edge, while the CCBWC body is machined from 4140 QT stainless steel, providing a durable outer shell for pumping the unit downhole. Singular pins of 17-4 stainless steel minimize wear and prolong tool life. Northwest Machine offers casing cutter kits for each size of internal casing cutter.

Kits are equipped with a complete casing cutter, assembled and ready for use, plus a complete rebuild kit, securely stored within a rigid, key-locking case, providing convenient and secure storage for cutter components.

Basic operation

The NWL rod and BW casing cutter is equipped with a BW rod box connection for simple adaption to a suitable drive rod to initiate rotation and supply water pressure. While locating the assembly to be cut within the drill string, the operator must charge the drill rods and commence slow rotation. Water then activates the cutter assembly and provides vital coolant to prevent the high-speed tool steel cutter blade from overheating during cutting. An operator would then slowly increase pump pressure from 300 psi to 400 psi, while simultaneously increasing the drive rod rotation gradually from 200 rpm to 300 rpm. Operators can prevent cutter blades from overheating by slowing the rate of rotation for larger drill pipe.

Note: these instructions act as a guideline due to varying operating conditions.

Field testing is underway and Northwest Machine Works, Inc. expects the cutters to be available by March 2020. Pricing is available upon request.

For more information

Visit the website for complete parts breakdowns of Northwest Machine’s LOCK N LOAD® Latch Heads, water swivels, stuffing boxes and internal casing cutters.