The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) in search of a suitably skilled drilling contractor

June, 2020

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) requires the services of a suitably skilled drilling contractor to undertake a geotechnical drilling program, including the drilling and sampling of soil, frozen soil and rock during the 2021 Antarctic Winter season, with downhole monitoring instrumentation to be installed in selected boreholes. The drilling investigation will further inform the infrastructure and earthworks design associated with the Davis Aerodrome Project (DAP) and will be included in the wider project planning activities.

The geotechnical drilling program is proposed to be undertaken in conjunction with a geophysical investigation, test-pitting, geotechnical mapping and environmental investigations (separate to this tender). An AAD appointed Geotechnical Engineer/Field Coordinator will coordinate and manage all field activities and reporting of the drilling, geotechnical and environmental surveys. The successful drilling contractor will be required to work collaboratively with the DAP Team and to synchronise drilling-related mobilisation, fieldwork, and demobilisation activities.

Conditions for Participation:

The supply must be provided in accordance with the Statement of Requirement (SoR) in the RFT and subject to the terms and conditions set out in, or referred to, in RFT 20/371 – Geotechnical Drilling Services.

Timeframe for Delivery:

The Agreement for the Services is expected to commence in August 2020 and conclude in December 2021 with an option for the Department to extend the Agreement for a further four months, until April 2022.