Chile Explore Group’s inaugural Optimization Drilling Seminar

February 18, 2020

Optimization is a one-day seminar that will examine Chile’s drilling industry, presenting cost effective solutions to enhance production whilst reducing risk, and increasing operational safety and efficiency. The inaugural symposium will present some of the latest technologies being developed to ensure drilling optimization.

The seminar is aimed at drillers, managers, geologists, health and safety professionals, and associated supply chain and contract managers. Optimization will focus on deeper understanding of the most important aspects of key expenditure within exploration and mining. A strong speaker program with a diverse panel of leading international speakers who are considered experts in their niche will generate discussion and thought on drilling optimization.

Optimization is being organized by Chile Explore Group – a company with proven results and a growing reputation of producing informed international industrial events. Chile Explore Group were credited with producing the most successful SEG Conference in its history, last October in Santiago, Chile, welcoming a record 900 global attendees

Don’t miss Optimization – June 11, 2020 at Hotel Santiago, Chile.

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