Dando Drilling International launches the Infinity Range of drills

April, 2021

British manufacturer Dando Drilling International announced the launch of its new Infinity Range drills on April 12. The drills use a modular design, allowing its clients to create fully custom solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Along with the ability to service the key sectors, Dando’s Infinity Range offers a new series of Multitec rigs, which can service clients from different sectors through the change of hydraulic components. The rigs allow for multiple variations including mast options, rotary heads, engines, pumps and mounting options, and even paint. The range also incorporates the latest engine designs and offers EU Stage V engine options.

‘Dando has been a proud supplier of bespoke equipment to our customers for over 150 years and I am delighted to introduce the industry-leading design, created by our brilliant team of designers and engineers,’ stated Mark Jones, Managing Director of the company.

According to Dando, the customizable Infinity Range can be employed for Mud Rotary, DTH, Flooded Reverse, Wireline & Conventional Coring, RC, Rotary Air Blast, Auger, SPT, Sonic Drilling, and more.

Read more: https://www.dando.co.uk/