DeviGyro launches first in Australia after outperforming expectations during field trials

October, 2019

The Devico team is pleased to announce the launch of the new DeviGyro in Australia. After several months of testing in Norway and Western Australia, proving its ruggedness and incredible precision, the world’s smallest multifunctional borehole gyro instrument will make its debut in Australia. Devico’s Australian agent, Downhole Surveys (DHS), is all set to bring the revolutionary new DeviGyro to the Australian market and is already training clients on the easy to use driller-operated system.

This new continuous DeviGyro recently surveyed a 2410 m (7906.82 ft) In and Out drill hole in just 76 minutes, collecting 45 600 survey data points to accurately trace the drill hole path. A number of different applications and innovations are possible with the DeviGyro. Users will be able to survey as they drill in overshot mode and will also be able to do core orientation and gyro surveying in the same run with the instrument placed in the head assembly.

No other existing technology comes close in presenting a similar wide range of applications. Devico will release additional accessories that will open new drilling possibilities with the DeviGyro in 2019 and 2020.

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