First Drilling expands its fleet with a new deep hole drill

October, 2020
First Drilling

First Drilling, an American drilling company, announced the commissioning of an Epiroc CT-20 to expand its diamond drill fleet. The track-mounted deep hole capacity rig completed commissioning in October, 2020 and is working at a Northern Nevada exploration project. First Drilling offers a wide range of specialty drilling, and this newcomer complements the fleet with over 5000 ft (1524 m) H-size depth capacity and 8000 ft (2438.4 m) N-size capacity.

‘Our best in class, highly-experienced team, combined with a powerful deep hole rig brings to our customers the solutions they are seeking,’ said Kyle Rhoderick, CEO of First Drilling. ‘We are absolutely committed to safety, productivity and innovation and with this new machine in our fleet, we can take on deeper holes and bigger core diameters without compromising on the key deliverables our customers need, ensuring those precious exploration dollars are delivering real results’ added Mr Rhoderick.

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