Kati Oy win Beowulf drill contract

May, 2020

Beowulf Mining plc (Beowulf) (AIM: BEM; Spotlight: BEO), the mineral exploration and development company, has announced awarding the Kallak drilling contract to Kati Oy. The contract is for up to 1650 m (5413.39 ft) diamond drilling, targeting additional potential iron ore mineralization at Kallak South.

The work program will determine if a 3D seismic model can be constructed, using the established seismic characteristics of the Kallak deposit, and whether the 3D model can be used to identify additional iron ore mineralization for the exploration target.

The work is being undertaken as part of the European Union (EU)-funded PACIFIC Project (PACIFIC). The project aims to develop a new, low-cost, environmentally friendly tool to explore for sub-surface mineral deposits. The program will test a multi-array method in parallel with drilling at Kallak South, with noise from drilling providing a passive seismic source.

The magnetic signature of mineralization at Kallak extends southwards from Kallak North to Kallak South, and then beyond to Parkijaure. Interpretation of geophysical data suggests the potential for additional iron ore mineralization, which could add to the Kallak North and Kallak South resource.

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