MBI Global announces launch of the VersaDrill Canada autonomous drill rig

March 8, 2023

The VersaDrill autonomous drill rig developed by MBI Global was officially unveiled at the PDAC convention in Toronto this week. It took the drilling solutions provider years of R&D, testing, and perfecting the new product before making it available to its customers.

 A step towards automation

The innovative autonomous drill rig is a step towards the automation of all mining activities which in turn can bring significant benefits to the industry, both in terms of finances and security.

For instance, the autonomous drill rig reduces the time needed to accomplish a task, in turn reducing associated costs. Operations can thus continue without interruption through shift changes (day shift to night shift).

‘The autonomous drill rig is a solution to the challenges faced by the mining sector, such as labour shortages and operating and material costs—major concerns for mining companies. Only one operator is needed instead of two (where regulations allow) to run this type of drill rig’, is stated in the official press release of the company.

A strong product on the market

The autonomous drill rig, available now, is the perfect combination of safety and performance. Every last feature is designed to optimize results.

To protect operators, the autonomous drill rig is equipped with safety features like an optical guard, an inner tube puller, and a direct communication tool that allows the underground driller to communicate with the surface team if the mining operation has LTE communication capacities.

These features also improve the machine’s performance. In addition to being autonomous, the drill rig improves efficiency through data acquisition. Access to real-time information allows for adjustments to be made during operation and reduces costly equipment changes.

The autonomous drill rig is now officially a part of MBI Global’s product line and is available to everyone, everywhere. It is the latest addition to the company’s complete drilling solutions and strong products.