MPP Discovery II Core Drill – Improved Safety & Productivity

May, 2019

Multi-Power launched a redesigned Discovery II – Helicopter Portable Core Drill.

With 12+ years of field operation and feedback from 60+ machines operating around the globe, the new Discovery II meets the demanding requirements of today’s drilling contractors and the mining and exploration companies they work for. The rig was redesigned from the ground up with three key points in mind: safety; productivity; and ability to efficiently be transported by helicopter.

The Discovery II is rated to efficiently drill to 1400 meters N/WL while meeting the latest safety requirements from major mining companies, all in a package that can be flown with a B3 size helicopter.

For safety, the rig features full guarding on hot and rotating parts, interlock rotation guard, (2) E-stops, power isolation/lock-out, and an available rod handler.

For maximum productivity the rig features a powerful ‘P’ size rotation unit with 4-speed transmission and 160 cc motor, a synchronized chuck and clamp system with manual overrides, level wind wireline winch, and improved fast feed. For flying, the rig breaks down in to six modules all under 725.75 kg with certified/engineered liftings points.

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