NISS awarded drilling contract for Alaska Energy Metals’s high-profile Nikolai Project

February, 2024

NISS is honored to announce its recent contract award for the Nikolai project by Alaska Energy Metals. This significant venture is poised to make considerable strides in nickel exploration, a critical component for the electric battery supply chain, emphasizing the project’s vital contribution to the global push towards sustainable energy.

A landmark project for sustainable energy

The Nikolai project is a beacon for sustainable mining practices to secure a critical nickel supply. NISS Global’s involvement in this project underscores our expertise in core exploration drilling and our commitment to advancing renewable energy resources through responsible mineral extraction.

NISS’s role in shaping the exploration of critical minerals

Selected for our advanced drilling technologies and unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, NISS will deploy a 4-drill fleet with operational support in 2024. This initiative is designed to accelerate the exploration and development of the Nikolai deposit, leveraging our industry-leading practices to ensure efficient, effective, and environmentally conscious drilling operations.

About NISS (Nasco Industrial Services & Supply)

NISS is at the forefront of the mining industry, championing innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility. With a rich history of success in challenging environments, we are dedicated to enhancing the mining sector through sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology, contributing to our client’s success and the broader goals of environmental conservation and sustainable development.

About Alaska Energy Metals and the Nikolai Project

Alaska Energy Metals is leading the charge in responsible mineral exploration and development, with the Nikolai project being a cornerstone of its efforts to advance nickel exploration in North America. This project is crucial for developing resources for electric battery production and renewable energy solutions, aligning with global objectives for sustainable energy independence.

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