About Coring

Coring Magazine is a triannual international magazine focusing on exploration core drilling. The magazine aims to deliver fresh information, case studies, opinions, news and articles about drilling companies, products, projects and more. Coring Magazine’s target audience is drilling contractors, exploration companies and mining company exploration departments, service companies, drilling suppliers and manufacturers and anyone involved in exploration core drilling. The driving force behind Coring magazine is the technical team, themselves drilling professionals experienced and well-known in the EDD industry. Because they speak the same language as the drilling industry, it is they who will decide on what is interesting and valuable for the readership and so earn a place in the magazine.

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Grigor Topev

Founder, Managing Editor

Grigor Topev is the founder and managing editor of Coring and co-owner of BG Drilling Solutions, an international directional drilling service supplier. He holds bachelor and master degrees in drilling engineering, and since graduating in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2003, he has worked extensively in the diamond drilling industry, participating in drilling projects in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Libya, Zambia, Brazil, Guyana and Canada. Though he has specialized in directional drilling during the last 15 years, he has broad experience in diamond drilling in general, working as drilling foreman on several projects.

Martina Samarova

Executive officer & Editor

Martina Samarova has been part of Coring Magazine’s team since February, 2018. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Philology from Plovdiv University. She specialized in English and Linguistics at Loughborough University, UK. Martina has a master’s degree in Virtual Culture from Sofia University as well. She is qualified interpreter and has experience in the spheres of online media, social science and journalism.

Maksim M. Mayer


In a few short years, Maksim M. Mayer has lived on three continents and tried it all. Copywriting, journalism, research and teaching, freelance translations and editing. He holds a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Creative Writing and is a Master of Science in Professional Writing from New York University.

Dr Brett Davis

Section Editor - Exploration & Mining Geology

Dr Brett Davis graduated from James Cook University, Australia with a Bachelor’s in Geology in 1986, which was followed by a 1992 Doctoral degree in Structural Geology from the same university. Between his Bachelor and Doctorate, Dr Davis worked briefly at the Mt Isa Mines as a production geologist. Since then, Brett has held prestigious Structural Geology positions in companies such as Placer Dome, RSG Global, Chalice Gold Mines and Orefind. Brett has established himself as a world leader in Structural Geology and now runs his own consulting company – Olinda Gold Structural Geology Consulting. Brett also serves as an Adjunct Research Fellow at his alma mater – James Cook University.

Elena Dorfman

Digital Marketing

Elena has major experience in Marketing and Advertising. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the American University in Bulgaria, and a Master's Degree in Strategic Marketing Management from Sofia University. Elena is responsible for Coring Magazine’s online presence and digital distribution. She has officially joined Coring’s team for its 13th edition.

Ivan Ginev

Design & Layout

Ivan Ginev is founder and creative director of Cog Graphics – a graphic design studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company provides professional design services to a wide variety of businesses, including media outlets, non-governmental organizations, property management companies, food and drink producers, etc.
Ivan has broad expertise in the fields of web design, visual identity and print design, coming from nearly 20 years of work in the design industry, and is always looking for the sweet spot between perfect visual aesthetics and common-sense practicality.