AZIWELL’s AZIDRILL N-BTK consolidates the company’s position as a world leader of directional core drilling tools

April 17, 2022

by Nils Ivar Iversen, Managing Director of AZIWELL AS, Norway

Azidrill  N-BTK, N-size Directional Core Barrel collects BTK-size core samples
Azidrill N-BTK, N-size Directional Core Barrel collects BTK-size core samples

AZIWELL is pleased to introduce the AZIDRILL N-BTK Directional Core Barrel (DCB). This innovative new design allows for the collection of a core sample closer to the industry standards in conventional diamond drilling and brings directional core drilling to exciting new heights.  

AZIWELL is a Norwegian engineering company that develops, commercializes, and operates tools for directional core drilling and borehole surveying. The main tool in their arsenal to date has been the Azidrill N-B wireline operated directional core barrel which was commercialized in the summer of 2018. It quickly became a hit at exploration projects worldwide, setting a new standard for directional drilling due to its efficiencies in downhole steering and control of deviated, and multi-branch boreholes. 


AZIWELL is proud to present a new standard of directional core drilling equipment with the release of their improved drill – The AZIDRILL N-BTK. The AZIDRILL N-BTK collects BTK-size (40.7 mm or 1.60 in) core samples, an increase of 25% in core volume relative to the previous AZIDRILL N-B, B-size (36.4 mm or 1.43 in) core samples, and 67% larger core volume relative to competing technology! The increased core size pushes the boundaries of what is possible to collect with an N-size steerable core drill. These improvements include:

  • Collecting oriented BTK-size core samples, offering an increased sample for geological information.
  • Measured tool face orientation and borehole inclination during each run with no extra time spent.
  • Increased drill bit penetration over previous steerable core drills due to less cutting surface at the bit.
  • Less tendency to polish drill bit.
  • Less tendency to core block.
  • Fewer cuttings produced in the borehole.
  • Better core recovery and more competent core.
  • The physical length of DCD is similar to standard core barrels offering easy handling and use when entering drill into the drill head. No need to dismantle the drill as the AZIDRILL is only 0.3 m (0.98 ft) longer than standard core barrels.
  • Enables the operator to freely adjust the flow rate or even cut it down to near zero for sharpening the bit, without affecting packer functionality or directionally controlled tool face.

Additionally, the AZIDRILL N-BTK’s newly-designed improvements help to extend the lifetime of critical wear parts increasing the overall robustness of the tool. As a result, the AZIDRILL N-BTK increases the production rate on the rig. This has been a key measure for all Aziwell’s R&D activities. This achievement represents another step in our goal of becoming the world’s leading company in directional core drilling technology. 

SIZE MATTERS! BTK-size core compared to B-size and A-size core
SIZE MATTERS! BTK-size core compared to B-size and A-size core

Increased core size

AZIWELL believes the core size of this tool will benefit geological recovery during directional procedures when compared to other N-size DCDs and conventional N-size drills, as the difference between BTK-size core and N-size core (47.6 mm or 1.87 in) is only 37% by volume. 

AZIWELL engineering team

The AZIWELL engineering team has more than 25 years of experience within R&D and field services related to directional core drilling. All AZIWELL design engineers have taken part in extensive fieldwork as part of their employment. Practical knowledge related to the operation of the tools has proved to be a key factor in successfully bringing the best innovations from the office to the field. 

Field testing

The main objective set forth by AZIWELL is to complete downhole operations without bringing the drill to surface for servicing. Recent requests have indicated that geologists can benefit from longer steered sections in boreholes, with some requiring holes to be brought from vertical to horizontal. During the testing programs carried out in 2021 and 2022, AZIWELL successfully finalized 100-meter (approx. 328 ft) sections of directional core drilling to target without noticeable signs of wear. 

Nils and his BTK-size core sample
Nils and his BTK-size core sample


The AZIDRILL N-BTK will be commercially available from January 2023. The AZIDRILL N-B is available today!

Where we are

AZIWELL’s main office is located in Trondheim, Norway with satellite offices established in Canada and Chile. 

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