Marcotte’s commitment to reliability, innovation and automation

November 28, 2023

by Mathieu Audet, Mechanical Engineer at Marcotte

HTM-2500TA equipped with a CyborgTM automated rod handler in South America
HTM-2500TA equipped with a Cyborg automated rod handler in South America

Marcotte has been manufacturing drill components since 1992. Starting from a simple parts manufacturer, it reached the status of a complete drill manufacturer within a decade. From the notorious HTM-2500 to the versatile Mancore 900, Marcotte has since then developed a full array of robust and innovative drill rigs to answer the needs of its ever-growing customer base.

Be it for surface exploration, remote operations, underground operations and all the accessories that go with it, Marcotte has been committed from day one to ensure that its customers get the reliability of Canadian-built machinery every time they acquire equipment with its name on it.

Instigators in their respective field


The HTM-2500 was the first popular model built for North American surface drilling. It is an unstoppable workhorse that will get the core samples out no matter the depth. With its 275 hp diesel prime mover, the base model can reach a pull capacity of over 66 000 lb (29 937 kg). Evolution has led it to incorporate many different key options.

Its reputation opened the door for the arrival of the HTM-2500TA, which is a completely different model of very capable surface drill but built on top of a set of heavy-duty tracks. The TA was designed for drilling projects that require highly mobile equipment in milder temperatures while having everything it takes to deal with the harsh conditions known to Central and South America.

HTM-2500 and Mancore 900 in Canada
HTM-2500 and Mancore 900 in Canada


The STM-1500 was the first underground model designed by Marcotte and it allowed its users to drill deep holes thanks to its robust construction. The STM-1500 has made its place in the world of underground exploration as a reliable deep hole machine and is now one of Marcotte’s flagship products that benefit from a wide array of options. Its heavy construction gives this model the capacity to withstand a beating from high-hp power units in the hardest conditions an underground hole can get you. The STM-1500 can be found around the world in various configurations and equipped with power units ranging from 125 hp to 300 hp.

From this model were derived the STM-600 and STM-300, which were developed to work in much more limited space. These models benefit from many field-tested parts of its predecessor which make them a reliable and versatile choice for specific operations where high depths are not the main factor.

Mancore 600

The Mancore 600 has been developed for remote projects that could only be accessed by foot or helicopter. Like most of the products in that category, it has a light modular design and Marcotte made sure that its configuration would allow intuitive assembling and dismantling while enabling its users to choose amongst multiple power unit options. Mostly found in southern parts of the world, this model has made its place with its simplicity and its robust mechanics.

The Mancore 600 paved the way for the development of its big brother the Mancore 900. However, this model has the capacity to access remote locations in northern parts of the world thanks to its modular configuration compatible with various shack options. The Mancore 900 also benefits from a single more powerful engine (instead of two or three separate ones) which enables it to reach higher depths. It possesses an impressive list of standard options:

heli-portable platform, skids, steel shack, composite shack, heavy-duty tarpaulin, rod handler, and a lot more which makes it the machine of choice when the job requires extra mobility all year long in challenging conditions.

Another sequel to the Mancore 600’s success is the Mancore 600TA. This model, running on a single diesel engine uses all the main components of the Mancore 600 to transform it into a heli-portable unit mounted on tracks and remotely controlled for the moves. Despite its modules being heavier, the heaviest one being the track frame weighing 1600 lb (726 kg), it allows faster moves between multiple distanced holes at remote locations while leaving the smallest possible footprint.

STM-600ME drilling underground in northern Canada
STM-600ME drilling underground in northern Canada


While continuously improving its most popular existing products with the help of its wide customer base, Marcotte also strives to supply the drilling market with new ideas. Improving mobility, reducing setup times, enhancing safety, achieving higher reliability, and incorporating automation are only a few of the many ways Marcotte sets new standards for the development and manufacture of its existing products and innovative projects.


The STM-600ME, a statement to Marcotte’s commitment to improving the core drilling industry in the underground world, is a unit that’s been developed for a very specific task in a very dynamic environment. The 600ME is a carrier-mounted, self-contained drill rig that allows super-fast mobilization and demobilization while providing a complete working platform (Canadian patent #2880877) to quickly drill a hole and be ready to move to the next one within a single shift. This model carries all the equipment, tools, and consumables required for underground core drilling so it can move by itself from one drill site to the next without any need for extra machinery to get the work started. The carrier to which it is attached has two seats so that the helper can be with the driller when the machine arrives on site.

CyborgTM Rod Handler

The latest innovation developed by Marcotte is the automated rod handler for surface drilling (Canadian patent #3021385). This unique accessory has been developed as an add-on to the HTM-2500TA model but has the still-untapped potential to be implemented on any other brand or model of surface drill. Achieving an impressive loading and unloading cycle below 1 minute per string of rods and having the capacity to manipulate strings of up to 9 m (29.5 ft), the current version of this equipment eliminates the need for human intervention when the time has come to change the bit. The Cyborg Rod Handler not only allows the workers to limit their exposure to repetitive heavy lifting but also helps management to forecast how much time it will take to proceed to a complete removal and re-insertion of a drill string in the ground.

On-site support

Marcotte is committed to giving the best after-sales support in the industry to all its customers so that no drill stays out of service when it should not be. Backed by a professional and readily available team of technicians, Marcotte will answer every service call within an unmatched timeframe. Marcotte understands the value of equipment that keeps on producing 24/7. So does its field support team.

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