MBI Global & VersaDrill grow their strategic alliance into a merger

June 8, 2021

by Daniel Misiano, President at MBI Global

After seven years of a strategic alliance, we are proud to announce that MBI Global and VersaDrill Canada merged in early May, 2021. The new entity, under MBI Global, will benefit the market with a complete offering of capital equipment (VersaDrill) and consumables (MBI Global) for the mineral exploration segment as well as capital equipment (soon to be supported by consumables) for the geotechnical drilling segment under the Gtech product line. The industry can expect to have service and support in over 15 distribution points and across more than 30 countries globally. We plan to offer the market new innovations over the next few years with a focus on safety, increased productivity, automation and improved efficiency.

Pietro de Ciccio, Mario Rouillier, Claudine Bellehumeur, Daniel Misiano
The new MBI Global management team (left to right): Pietro de Ciccio – COO, Mario Rouillier – Chairman of the board, Claudine Bellehumeur – CFO, Daniel Misiano – President

The collaboration between MBI Global and VersaDrill began in 2014. Our vision was to create a complete exploration core drilling solution for the industry. Since the industry was still in a depressed mode, we continued to push forward with the intention to adapt to the market reality and its needs. Slowly but surely, we initiated a project to propose drill components (heads) that could be adapted to existing drill fleets of other manufacturers and it succeeded.

VersaDrill also opted to realign its strategic mission to innovative safety-oriented products for the exploration segment as well as new product lines, intended for geotechnical drilling. As the market demand grew, so did the successful collaboration between our companies. Today both help benefit the industry and our merged companies through collaborative projects aimed to improve mineral exploration and geotechnical drilling.

Going forward, one of the main goals of the united company will be to further expand our geographical footprint to support our growing customer base and offer them a sense of improved proximity. Whilst the industry continues to evolve, customer support and interaction are still the most valued criteria asked and appreciated by clients and distributors alike.

The new company will offer new products, the majority of which will stem from the VersaDrill product line where safety, productivity and efficiency are put at the forefront. The services segment will be better adapted with improved support and access to products, product documentation and technical support.

MBI Global VersaDrill headquarters
The headquarters of the new united company

Our company believes that any gains relevant to production stem from a better understanding of the user realities, challenges, and reciprocal feedback. As such, several developments already announced – and soon to be – will continue to be driven from these baselines. Customer and end user interaction have been key elements in the process of innovation in both exploration and geotechnical segments and will continue to be a cornerstone of our values for better and improved adapted products. As the industry segments that we service are on the upside, we aim to take note of some of the key challenges, such as growing lack of qualified labor, quicker than expected promotion of operational staff, thus increased need for automation and training support, need for added safety features to address the new inexperienced work force which is constantly asked to produce more. Our industry is at a very interesting chapter and we aim to take full advantage and the leadership role.

Expect more announcements and new products from MBI Global and VersaDrill in the next issues.

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