Built to explore: Multi-Power’s compact, Portable Centrifuge Mud Cleaning System

September 14, 2020

by Thomas Ulm, Sales Manager at Multi-Power Products Ltd.

Remote mineral exploration drilling is difficult. Rig mobilization, supply chain logistics, crew transportation, equipment maintenance, and water supply each pose potential risk through unforeseen delays or unexpected trials. Such is life operating off the beaten path. The phrase, ‘if it was easy, everyone would do it’ often comes to mind when navigating the seemingly never ending list of challenges that exploring ‘off the grid’ poses. Industry interest and enthusiasm naturally intensifies when drilling equipment manufacturers take the time to innovate existing bulky and complicated systems with superior design features that embrace new technologies and aim to make exploration drilling easier. Multi-Power Products’ (MPP) Portable Centrifuge System (PCS) is evidence of such – pardon the pun – groundbreaking transformation.

The PCS features unmatched and essential remote exploration design – compact, portable, occupying a small footprint with an easy-to-maintain, simple hydraulic drive system that reduces water consumption and increases drilling productivity. Featuring helicopter and man-portable design, the PCS is a closed-loop, drilling fluid recycling system that reduces diamond drill water consumption by up to 90 %. Design simplicity, easy operation, and absolute portability backed by Multi-Power’s dedication to customer service deem the PCS an ideal inclusion at exploration drilling projects.

Simple solids separation

MPP’s PCS closed-loop, drilling fluid recycling system can be applied to any diamond drill. ‘Closed-loop’ simply means that drilling fluids flow from mixing tank to drill string to the centrifuge system and back again without water discharge or sump requirements. The system comprises a hydraulic motor-driven centrifuge assembly, diesel power unit, control panel, two hydraulic-driven impeller-style fluid pumps, and a 1135 L (300 gal) holding tank. The hydraulic-driven impeller pump transfers drilling fluid from the drill collar to the centrifuge’s inlet – centrifugal force and an internal auger separate and discharge drill cutting solids while distributing cleaned drilling fluid to the holding tank. The ‘cleaned’ fluid is then pumped from the holding tank and ‘recycled’ back to the drill’s existing mud tank for reuse.

Go anywhere at a fraction of the cost

PCS’ three-module footprint assumes a mere 8.23 m (27 sq ft), with a slight but mighty total weight of 1077.28 kg (2375 lb). Heli- and man-portable, the PCS can venture anywhere – from the depths of Ecuador’s jungles to the dizzying mountainous heights of British Columbia and Yukon Territory. MPP’s PCS has also been put to work on mining sites in Suriname and the North American mining hub of Elko, Nevada.

Easy to operate hydraulic design

MPP design with simplicity in mind, and the PCS will be a welcomed addition to any fleet. Removing what had been the obligatory, conventional generator and replacing complicated electrical panels with a straightforward hydraulic system will warrant a collective sigh of relief from drill mechanics. The hydraulic system includes a tandem gear pump, flow control valves, piston motor-driven centrifuge and hydraulic-driven submersible transfer pumps. Its configuration is genuinely easy-to-operate, maintain and troubleshoot.

Multi-Power Products’ Portable Centrifuge System

Cleaner and safer

MPP’s PCS boasts 90 % water conservation with reduced drilling fluid and additive costs. ‘Green’ in design, PCS minimizes the environmental impact of drilling returns by eliminating the need for excavated sumps and pits. It also yields a lower volume, which makes for easier storage and transportation of the solids and drill cuttings, resulting in a cleaner, and therefore safer drilling site.

Improved productivity

Cleaned, non-abrasive mud reduces unnecessary wear and tear on expensive drilling tools, and reduced water consumption results in improved productivity due to a reduction in down time caused by water supply issues.

PCS’ MVP (most valued product) stats

  • Lightweight, modular design (1077 kg or 1.07 tonne total system weight);
  • Man and heli-portable;
  • Built for remote exploration conditions featuring simple, easy-to-operate and maintain design;
  • Processing capacity up to 40 GPM/150 LPM;
  • Diesel/hydraulic-driven configuration eliminates the need for generators, VFD/electric controls;
  • Centrifuge operates at 3900 RPM with a 9 in x 35 in (22.86 cm x 88.90 cm) bowl, yielding 3 to 5 micron separation

About the company

Multi-Power Products is a Canadian-based drill manufacturer offering a complete line of surface and underground diamond core and reverse circulation equipment, focused on portable and compact design with 36 years of successful exploration drilling experience behind them.

Multi-Power’s Portable Centrifuge System or PCS is for sale and lease both locally and internationally.

Unearth more by visiting: www.multipowerproducts.com.