Ready to go beyond your expectations? Son-Mak: proud to deliver, consistently

August 7, 2020

by Cem Hizar, Sales Executive at Son-Mak

After a challenging day, nothing brings more joy and pride than when you exceed client, and your own expectations. This motivates us to continue doing what we do best.

Regardless of your location – in the dustbowl, the toughest winter conditions, or hundreds of meters underground; we are right there with you during your challenging moments, and we can relieve some of that burden from your shoulders.

Established in 1983, Son-Mak is a world-class manufacturer of exploration drilling rigs and equipment. We design and produce hydraulic crawler and skid rigs, underground and surface rigs, wireline drilling equipment, triplex pumps and grouting plants.

Levent 2002 RX-5

Levent 2002 RX-5 is a fully hydraulic diamond core drilling rig, designed for surface research drillings. The powerful rig has been meticulously designed to provide high penetration and excellent results while factoring the toughest field conditions. It is such a successful in-field assistant that will pay for itself in no time, given its many advantages.

It can be used for conventional or wireline drilling with optimal performance features to deliver exceptional rotation speed, with a power and rotation unit aperture variance of 60 mm to 122.60 mm (2.36 in to 4.83 in) (B-P) diameter.

The power and wireline units, mixer main winch control and mud pump are accessed from the convenience of an operator panel. The operator panel displays and controls the rig’s diesel engine, positioning, advancement and its hold back force, feed force and rotation speed.

Levent 2002 RX-5 can be mounted on three different chassis frames: skid, wheel or crawler.

As progress is made using the rig’s hydraulic cylinder, precise settings can be applied and undertaken. The automatic rod removal and clamping feature is both safety conscious and efficient resulting in high progression rates, optimal core percentages and cost and time saving.

Levent 2002 RX-5

Levent 3003

Designed for underground, surface core, conventional and exploration tunnel drilling, the Levent 3003 is a fully hydraulic diamond drilling rig with many accessories. Its high quality and functional design ensures that you have everything you need in the field. Providing an unmatched drilling experience, Levent 3003 assumes challenging and difficult scenarios regardless of conditions or formations.

Levent 3003’s drilling rig rotation speed, power and rotation unit aperture diameter has been designed for optimal performance in BO-HO diameter wireline or conventional drilling.

Upon request, Levent 3003 can be manufactured with an electrical motor, or ex proof – ATEX-certified to enable most secure work fields.


– Levent 3003 drill has proven its capability of drilling under any conditions with its 90 kW (120 hp), 1450 rpm electrical motor and 119 kW (160 hp), 2200 rpm diesel engine, delivering up to 1250 m (4100 ft) using B-size, and 850 m (2788 ft) using N-size, and 550 m (1804 ft) using H-size.

– Optional 850 mm (33.46 in) and 1800 mm (70.90 in) rotary head stroke lengths provide the best possible success even within the toughest terrain.

– This fully hydraulic drilling rig represents the latest, most advanced, and safety-conscious technology with rod tightening and removal, pressing and wireline winch all operated from a safe control panel, mounted on a separate chassis.

– A standard Levent 3003 consists of three main parts: drilling unit, control panel and power unit. The rig also has the option of being mounted onto a standard crawler, a narrow crawler for underground works or a wide crawler for surface works if preferred.

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