Unearthing 15 of the industry’s most successful drilling contractors: Based on 2019 results

July 13, 2020

Top 15 drilling contractors by mineral exploration revenue, (million USD)

Top 15 drilling contractors by number of mineral exploration drill rigs

*Coring was not provided with Capital Drilling’s and Orbit Garant’s mineral exploration revenue and the number of rigs devoted only to this type of drilling. For that reason, we have included the overall FY2019 revenues and the number of drill rigs of the two companies, as outlined within their annual reports. The exact numbers for mineral exploration may be quite different.

Coring gathered relevant statistics to compile and then rank the industry’s global drilling contractors, based on 2019 annual results. In compiling our data, where possible, Coring considered annual revenue earned solely from mineral exploration drilling services (diamond drilling and RC), coupled with the number of drill rigs devoted to these specific drilling styles, irrespective of contractors’ additional drilling services.
Coring attempted to connect with all contractors that we knew of and found suitable. It is important to note that some contractors did not respond for whatever reason, therefore, Coring sourced and included annual results, and the number of drills as outlined within public reports. Other contractors have been omitted from our statistics by their choice. From our point of view, there are five or even more contractors that qualify for the statistics.
The amounts stated in the statistics are rounded up to one decimal place or the nearest integer. Foreign currencies have been converted to US dollars for the sake of consistency.
After compiling annual results for 2019, we decided to compare them with our statistics for 2017, and see if market conditions improved during this two-year period of time.
Our team remains focused on updating and expanding our statistics regularly, and we urge drilling contractors to contact us, should they want to be involved and subsequently listed.
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