Boart Longyear LF™ 160 drilling rig debuts in Africa

December, 2018

Boart Longyear has introduced its LF™ 160 surface coring drill rig and FL262 Freedom™ Loader to the African market. After being launched in late 2016, this rig and loader combination is already being successfully used in North and South America, Australia, and Turkey.
The FL262 Freedom Loader is an innovative rod-loading system that requires no intervention from the driller’s assistant to trip and align rods or connect to the top drive head. When combined with a surface coring drill rig like Boart Longyear’s LF 160, even more productivity and safety advantages are gained from the mechanized systems.
The operator can monitor the wireline spooling from a control panel, avoiding tangling of wire rope typically experienced while lowering the overshot.
The LF160 rig and Freedom Loader combination offers more control and oversight which means less interruption and a more efficient operation.
The loader’s hands-free rod handling and remote controls allow the driller’s assistant to work outside the equipment area. This greatly reduces the risk of hand and back injuries from handling rods. The loader can cycle 6-meter rods in the same amount of time as a manual cycle, meaning enhanced safety is achieved without compromising productivity.
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