Devico become proud majority owners of Downhole Surveys

November, 2018

Recently Devico became proud majority owners of Downhole Surveys, the Perth-based business, further solidifying a long-running relationship and commitment to deliver innovations in directional drill hole surveying to Australia and across the world. Downhole Surveys are the exclusive distributors in Australia of Devico’s downhole surveying tools, which makes for a nice parallel, since the two businesses came into shape around the same time. For founder and CEO Mike Ayris, the idea of forming a directional surveying business first came about in 1989 when he was working as a draftsman on a WA mine site and began testing the theory that all vertical drill holes are drilled straight. Just as Viktor Tokle was inventing solutions for what was a time-consuming process in steerable coring, Ayris sought to prove that all drill holes do in fact deviate and consequently, Downhole Surveys was born.
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