Epiroc launches new underground core drilling rig with mobile carrier

June, 2020

The all-new Diamec Smart 6M is an underground core drilling rig with a mobile carrier and optional cabin. It maximizes drilling capacity through the mobility and sturdiness of the Boomer S2 rig carrier – capable of meeting the most demanding underground operations with a stable yet flexible boom.

The Diamec Smart 6M equals the Diamec Smart 6, rated for 1080 m (3543.31 ft) hole depth in N-size for vertical down, while vertical up drilling is 575 m (1886.48 ft). Global Product Manager, Ebrahim Nikafroozi proudly boasts, ‘The Diamec Smart 6M features three rotation unit options, from A- to H-size, with the strongest unit offering as much as 2390 Nm rotation torque – achieving required depths, even in difficult rock conditions.’

The new rig also features a rod handling system (RHS) for increased operator safety and productivity for both drill rods and inner tubes. The RHS is fully synchronized with the drill rig via the rig control system (RCS), operated from the control panel.

Read more: www.epiroc.com/en-us/newsroom/2020/new-mobile-underground-core-drilling-rig-from-epiroc