First Drilling crosses 10-year safety milestone

August 31, 2022

Montrose, Colorado, USA, August 31th, 2022

First Drilling is extremely proud to announce that in August 2022 the company crossed a massive milestone in its history. The company celebrated TEN years of continuous operations without lost time injury. This is a true milestone in terms of safety excellence and an accomplishment that could not have been possible without the commitment of First Drilling employee.

“We, as a company and a team, have been able to face adversity and meet the challenge presented to us every day and work safely, ensuring we all come home safe at the end of each shift. We keep safety at the forefront of everything we do,” said Bryan Greene, Safety Manager at First Drilling. “I am very proud to be a part of a group that not only talks the talk but stands behind our core values to sustain such an achievement,” added Greene

First Drilling has built a culture of safety over the years driven by small daily actions. With operating discipline built around safety excellence, an inhouse on-boarding training program for the new hires, dynamic and creative safety meetings, and a proactive focus on hazard identification, awareness and elimination. The employees created an environment where they can safely carry out their tasks. Our work is nothing short of hard; it’s that simple. The chances of getting injured are there every day in the field and within the whole organization. First Drilling consciously chooses to work safely, and there is a 10-year milestone to prove it.

“We are proud to celebrate this accomplishment and everyone’s contribution to this effort. We must continue to keep our guard up, to work hard, if not harder to continue this outstanding accomplishment: everyone going home safe and healthy every day ”, says Clint Chapman, CEO of First Drilling.