SilverCrest Metals Inc. reported success at Las Chipas property

August, 2020

SilverCrest Metals Inc., a Canadian exploration company, announced drill results for the Babi Vista Vein at its Las Chispas Property in Sonora, Mexico. The new results come from a total of 124 drill holes and demonstrate high-grade continuity and a developing high-grade zone. These high-grade veins are near surface with underground development underway and are being considered for mining early in the mine life. 

The expanded high-grade footprint for Babi Vista is estimated at 800 m (2624.67 ft) along strike by an average 150 m (492.12 ft) in height. The weighted average (true width, uncut, undiluted) of these new results is 0.8 m (2.62 ft) grading 58.25 g/t gold and 3,183.2 g/t silver, or 7,552 g/t AgEq. One particular hole (BV20-60) established a grade-thickness record for the Las Chispas property returning 1.7 m (5.58 ft) (intercept width) grading 634.56 g/t gold and 26,003.6 g/t silver.     

‘For the remaining part of the year, we plan to continue drilling with 8 to 12 drills on Babi Vista and Babicanora Vein northwest extension. We expect a steady flow of exploration drill results for the rest of the year,’ said CEO N. Eric Fier in August 2020.  

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